Medical Advisory Panel

Dr. Vlady Chernykh

M.D., MS.

Dr. Vlady is specialized in dermatology and further subspecialized in Aesthetic Dermatology. He has early discovered his strong inclination and passion towards anti–aging medicine and started to participate in professional trainings and master – classes in aesthetics.

His main goal is to revitalize skin via Restituo ad Integrum its functional activity on the cellular level.

As a professional in the anti–aging industry today, he has been actively travelling around the world being involved in various international seminars, conferences, workshops and meetings, to further enhance his knowledge and expertise in the anti–aging medicine and industry.

With his vast experience as a speaker and trainer for international aesthetic industry companies in dermatology, mesotherapy and lasers in aesthetics for Austrian, Spanish, French and USA he became an essential part of European Wellness global group. He is very passionate about promoting pax et bonum from European Wellness all over the World. And, of course he believes that in facial skin rejuvenation the early remedy, not the late remedies are the most effective.

In 2017 Dr. Vlady Chernykh received an offer to work in Asia. Nowadays “Dr. Vee” lectures widely, and has spoken in numerous anti-aging conferences worldwide, as well as published in international academic journals. He is Board member of International Association of Cell Therapy (Switzerland) and International Society of Stem Cell Transplantation (USA) and Aesthetic Director of European Wellness Centers.

Our team is always guided by words of Francois Voltaire: “But nothing is more estimable than a physician who, having studied nature from his youth, knows the properties of the human body, the diseases which assail it, the remedies which will benefit it, exercises his art with caution, and pays equal attention to the rich and the poor”.

Other professional achievements

2011 – Overview Seminar “Chemical peels Mediccontrolpeel” (Martin’ex).

2011 – Mesotherapy in Aesthetic Medicine (Martin’ex).

2012 – Application of biodegradable products based on hyaluronic acid Perfecthaderm (France).

2012 – Theoretical and practical course for facial contour correction with intradermal implants Repleri (China)

2013 – Courses of cosmetic massage, participating in psychology practical courses, NLP training (Ukraine)

2013 – Advanced course of using of Hydrafacial technology (USA). Certified trainer.

2014 – Advanced courses of laser technologies and photo – therapy devices (China).

2014 – Conference “Modern techniques for women’s health: laser technologies and injection intimate rejuvenation” (Russia).

2014 – Applicatino in botulinum toxin REFINEX (Japan)

2015 – Application of  HA fillers HYALSTYLE  (Austria). Certified trainer.

2016 – Good Clinical Practice Certificate (USA).