The answer to treatment

of chronic, incurable or untreatable diseases
ageing diseases and general rejuvenation


FCTI is the world’s largest provider of precursor stem cells and recently had introduced its innovative Autologous precursor stem cell therapy using FCTI Proprietary procedure of primary cell tissue culture. FCTI offers precursor stem cell Therapy with effective results. Many years of research and experiences have resulted in substantial improvements in health conditions of patients with various diseases where conventional treatments and therapies have failed.

Our Mission

  • manufacture the ‘state-of-art’ stem cell xeno-transplants by primary tissue culture in accordance with our proprietary technical procedure and related know-how, to be used for treatments to save lives and minimize the disability of patients, particularly those declared beyond help by modern medicine,
  • deliver our stem cells worldwide,
  • educate and consult physicians and patients in the clinical aspects of precursor stem cell therapy.