When all conventional methods of treatment have been exhausted and in the prevention or management therapies of ongoing challenging conditions, the patient may consider an minimally invasive therapy.

FCTI offer three highly individualized therapies under physician prescription for patients worldwide.

Therapies chosen by practitioners are dependent on the legal frameworks for practice and treatment in their respective countries.

FCTI does not offer products for sale.

All therapies are patient specific.


Precursor (Progenitor) Stem Cell Therapy through xenotransplantation stimulates the patient’s malfunctioning damaged or injured cells with new cells harvested from premium rabbit fetus.


Autologous (self) Stem Cell Therapy sees the patient’s own blood drawn to extract stem cells that are reprocessed using highly advanced stem cell culturing techniques.


FCTI scientists developed a new approach to effectively target and destroy only cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed by Active Specific Immunotherapy.