Medical Advisory Panel

Dr. Dina Tulina


Dr. Dina Tulina is Medical Advisor with interest in anti-aging, aesthetic and regenerative medicine. Being initially involved in research in neuropsychiatry (old age brain changes and associated cognitive and mental disorders), Dr. Dina turned her clinical practice and scientific interests to preventive medicine, natural and complementary age reversal therapies, and the usage of biologicals in regenerative medicine. Driven by the lead that He, who owns the youth, gains the future, Dr. Dina is profoundly fascinated by educational aspects of anti-aging medicine and wellness.

Starting off with the medical degree from Bashkir State Medical University in Siberia, she lately became a research fellow at the esteemed Mental Health Research Centre of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (MHRC RAMS) in Moscow, Russia. Nowadays Dr. Dina lectures widely, and has spoken in numerous anti-aging conferences worldwide, as well as published in international academic journals. She is an active member of professional medical societies, associations and research projects, and a respected Medical Advisor at European Wellness International and NexGen Biopharma.

Dr. Dina Tulina’s expertise includes anti-aging therapies by peptides, biomolecular cell extracts, and placenta extracts as treatments for body and facial aesthetic, menopause and andropause therapy, causes for immune system disorders, and other medical diseases and conditions.

Other achievements

2015 Medical Learning in Prevention (Anti-Aging, Fat & Adipocytes, Stress, Wellbeing, Sleep, Pollution & Detox, Updated Nutrition and Genetics), Le Croisic, France

2015 Woman Anti-Aging & Aesthetic course by Redleaf International Women’s Hospital; Shanghai, China

2014 Facial Aesthetics course on facial rejuvenation, causes of aging and facial anatomy, advanced uses of dermal fillers by Philippine Association of Primary Skin Health Physicians (PAPSHP), Inc.

2014 Anti-Aging and Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine Session courses and workshops within Swiss European Congress Longevity Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine – SECLARM; Geneva, Switzerland

2014 Course on Aesthetic and Anti-Aging by Philippine Academy of Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology (PACCD)

2013 Specialty Training in Anti-Aging and Regeneration therapy, Body and Facial Aesthetic Therapy. Therapy by Peptides, Nano cells and organ-specific cellular extracts. Natural and Holistic Age Reversal Therapy. Biological Therapy of Menopause and Andropause. Clinics in Switzerland.

2012 Specialty Training “Campaigning for Change” – Alzheimer’s University by Alzheimer’s disease International and World Health Organization; Tokyo, Japan

2011 Training in Neuropsychopharmacology by European College of Neuropsychopharmacology; Oxford, United Kingdom

2010 – 2011 Specialty training within the Department of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders (Certificate of Advanced Specialist in Psychiatry) and training within Department of borderline mental pathology and psychosomatic disorder; Moscow, Russia.

2010 Certificate on GCP (Good Clinical Practice for Investigators “The rules of clinical trials”); Moscow, Russia.

2009 – 2011 Research Fellow, Psychiatrist, MD at Department of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders of MHRC RAMS (Mental Health Research Centre of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences); Moscow, Russia.

2009 Modelling and Managing the Depressive Disorders, by Prof. Gordon Parker, Black Dog Institute, University of New South Wales; Sydney, Australia.

2009 Specialty Training within the Department of borderline mental pathology and psychosomatic disorders at MHRC RAMS (Mental Health Research Centre of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences); Moscow, Russia

2007 – 2009 Social Sciences Faculty – Humanities and Languages – Westminster University; London, UK

2008 – 2009 Advanced Diploma in Computer Science – Wilson College; London, UK

2006 – 2007 Faculty of Languages, Wilson College; London, UK

2003 – 2004 Clinical training of internship (Certificate of Specialist in Psychiatry) from the Republic Mental Hospital of Ministry of Health of Bashkortostan Republic of Russian Federation; Ufa, Russia

1997 – 2003 Bachelor Degree, Medical Doctor – Bashkir State Medical University of Ministry of Health of Russian Federation; Ufa, Russia

Educational trainer and Medical Advisor in professional seminars for doctors and general public for company’s APEC offices, partners and agents

2011 – 2013 Research Fellow, MD, Psychiatrist, PhD researcher – Department of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders of MHRS RAMS (Mental Health Research Centre of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences); Moscow, Russia

2010 Part-time Professor Research Assistant – Department of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders at MHRS RAMS (Mental Health Research Centre of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences); Moscow, Russia

2004 – 2005 Accident & Emergency Doctor and Emergency Psychiatrist at Ambulance and Emergency Station n.a. A.S.Puchkov; Moscow, Russia

2003 Physician Assistant at Cardiology Resuscitation and Intensive Care Unit – Municipal clinical hospital N21; Ufa, Russia

2002 – 2003 Physician Assistant at Ambulance and Emergency Station; Ufa, Russia